Mindful Leadership for Women

A powerful and empowering professional development journey for women who are ready to lead from within.

“Our mission with the Mindful Leadership for Women programme is to enable women to
take their place as whole-hearted leaders, empowered by a shared understanding that true
power lies not in our ability to control others, but in our ability to inspire them."
(Sarah Durrant & Jo Alcock, programme creators and facilitators)



I'm excited to share details of the Mindful Leadership for Women programme which I have created with my colleague and fellow coach Jo Walley. Through this programme we are seeking to foster and develop a more balanced and authentic approach to leadership, one that honours our daring, assertiveness and decisiveness, and values our vulnerability, empathy, compassion, creativity and ability to foster trust, connection and collaboration.

Our overarching goal is to build awareness and share practices, knowledge and skills which enable women - and the organisations in which they work - to realise their full potential. 

What's on offer?

Our first course - Overcoming Imposter Syndrome - was launched in November 2017 and so far 4 groups of (over 40) inspiring women leaders have taken this powerfully transformative learning journey. 

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Future courses are likely to cover:

  • Authentic and values-based leadership

  • Overcoming our inner critic

  • Fostering compassion for healthier staff and teams

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The programme will be available as a series of fully-facilitated short courses, enabling you to tailor your learning and development journey with us as the programme unfolds.

How we learn

  • A choice of fully-facilitated online courses or in-person workshops taking place at a venue of your choice

  • Groups are kept small to ensure a high quality learning experience for each person

  • Our emphasis throughout is on sharing highly practical knowledge, skills, models and practices which will empower and transform you from the inside out, and provide you with practical take-aways you can work with immediately.

  • Courses draw on the latest research in psychology, leadership, neuroscience, behavioural science, and self-compassion and mindfulness research and practices.

  • A rich mix of learning including: live webinars, weekly buddying, coaching, and assignments plus further exploration of key themes and topics through reading materials, expert interviews, mindfulness practices, TED Talks, poems and more.

  • All courses are highly experiential and we are committed to creating a learning environment which is deeply connecting, empowering, nourishing and supportive for the women attending.

  • We also support colleagues beyond the course by assisting them to create on-going communities of support and practice.

Benefits to you

Our vision with the Mindful Leadership for Women programme is to help you as a leader in the workplace and in your wider life enhancing vital skills, qualities and attributes including:

  • self-awareness, mindfulness and self-management

  • compassion for yourself and others

  • personal authority and inner confidence

  • knowledge of, and confidence to lead from, your highest values

  • authenticity, openness and trust

  • confident modelling of your vulnerability, humility, intuition and empathy

  • resilience, resourcefulness and flexibility

  • ability to foster collaboration, creativity, innovation and risk-taking

  • deep listening and inclusivity

  • your ability to foster connection, engagement and well-being in the workplace

Benefits to your organisation

The Mindful Leadership for Women programme is designed to benefit workplaces in many ways, including:

  • developing confident, flexible and resilient staff capable of leading from any position

  • fostering the deep levels of trust and engagement which enable the creativity, risk-taking, willingness to fail and innovation vital to organisations in our sector

  • empowering women in your workforce to take the lead in a way that is authentic to them

  • fostering emotional intelligence in your staff - an essential skill in our increasingly relational workplaces

  • enhancing in all staff a greater sense of connection, fulfillment and well-being

  • empowering leaders to model mindful leadership which is proven to encourage greater focus, collaboration, creativity and compassion within individuals and teams

  • enhancing leaders’ awareness of strengths and values, empowering them to call forward the best qualities in all staff

A few words about mindfulness

As part of our vision for this programme, we have been inspired by Janice Marturano’s definition^ of a mindful leader as someone who leads with clarity, focus, creativity and compassion in the service of others, and this ethos will inform each of the courses in the programme. Through sharing the latest in mindfulness research and practice, we will help those on the programme transform the exhausting, unfulfilling ‘norm’ of juggling a frantically busy schedule of emails, meetings and phone-calls, empowering them instead to:

  • pause whenever they choose during their day and create a sense of spaciousness, well-being and ease

  • approach meetings and tasks with a greater sense of clarity and focus

  • navigate their working – and wider – lives from a place of creativity, resourcefulness and connection with their deepest values

(^cited in her book Finding the Space to Lead)

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome – Online Course

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome is the first course in the Mindful Leadership for Women Programme. The next course will be offered in June 2018 and places are limited to 14.
For full details and to reserve your place, click here.

Stay informed

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[*] We fully recognise that men would benefit from this programme and in time we plan to extend this learning and development opportunity to men as well. In the first instance however we wish to establish this course amongst women who are still significantly under-represented at senior levels across the research and professional information sector.