I am a certified life coach with a passion for helping my clients discover what inspires them and gives their life purpose and meaning.

The people I work best with are typically experiencing a strong call to be of service. This may be a feeling they’ve had for some time or a newly-emerging sense but one way or another they are seeking to answer the question: Where and how can I serve?

In my experience, the most meaningful, resonant answers to this question come from our hearts, rather than our heads.

My coaching enables people to enter fully into their heartspace, reconnecting with the precious qualities that reside there: wisdom, compassion, intuition and insight, courage and love.

Working together, we discover their unique contribution: the sacred ground where what they love, what they’re good at, what will sustain them and what the world needs, all meet.

If something in our world is calling you - your heart and bones, your community, a cause you feel passionately about, a way of life you wish to pursue - I would love to hear from you.

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