I am a teacher, student, professional coach and expert facilitator. I have a passion for well-designed, immersive learning which enables people to realise their full potential and engage with their work with creativity, wisdom and confidence.


[1] I trained in 2012-13 with the world’s leading coach training school and continue to learn from thought leaders in the field of inner mindful leadership including: Brené Brown, Rick Hanson, Jack Kornfield, Kristen Neff, Tara Brach and Parker J Palmer - as well from as my clients, colleagues and students.

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Keeping me busy...

Leadership and Development

I am passionate about developing more mindful, compassionate, inclusive and healthy workplaces. As part of this, my colleague, Jo Alcock, and I have developed a new online programme - the Mindful Leadership for Women Programme - which will go live in pilot form in November 2017.

I speak and regularly facilitate workshops and online courses on ‘inner leadership’ topics including: authenticity and values-based leadership; resilience; inner confidence; Imposter Syndrome; confident speaking; self-compassion, mindfulness and more.

I am a committed life-long learner and regularly attend programmes and courses to help develop my coaching, teaching, facilitation and meditation practices. My work is non-denominational but I draw on many different wisdom traditions. I am particularly interested in the interface between western psychology and Buddhism, and seek to bring some of the wisdom, curiosity, compassion and human connection from these traditions, to my work and wider life.

Since 2012 I have been a Certified Professional Co Active® Coach (CPCC), having trained at the Coaches Training Institute, the world’s leading coach training school.

Academic & Professional Information

I also continue to work in the academic and professional information sector, a field I have worked in for almost 30 years. During this time I have worked with publishing and technology companies of all sizes from start-ups to large global players, a wide range of academic libraries on every continent, held senior management and C-level positions, and conducted business in over thirty countries.

Between 2002 and 2006 I spent five wonderful years helping connect researchers in developing countries with digital resources published in the west. During this time I discovered my passion for training, and people development has been core to my work ever since.

I have been self-employed since 2007 and provide training and consulting services to publishers, university libraries, technology companies and intermediaries including the very popular workshop and online course Negotiations Skills for Librarians.