Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

A four-week professional course developing
women’s leadership and confidence in the workplace.


What's on offer?

  • A four-week online course offering a truly transformational professional learning and development experience.

  • Working with like-minded and like-hearted women in a safe, supportive and courageous environment, we will explore - and overcome - that most pervasive and debilitating phenomenon impacting so many women in the modern workplace: Imposter Syndrome.

What is Imposter Syndrome?

  • Imposter Syndrome is a term coined by Oberlin psychologists Pauline Clance and Suzanne Imes in the late 1970s to describe a set of beliefs that has us feeling we are frauds, we are in some way lacking or unworthy, we don’t deserve our successes and/or it’s only a matter of time before we’re “found out”.

  • Research shows that although Imposter Syndrome is experienced by men, it is particularly prevalent among women with over 70% of us experiencing 'imposter symptoms' during, and in many cases throughout, our careers.

Why does Imposter Syndrome matter?

  • Imposter Syndrome is a fear- and shame-based response with those suffering fearing they are ‘never enough’. It undermines often highly talented staff so that they:

    • stay ‘under the radar' avoiding leadership roles, promotions, speaking opportunities and more

    • stay stuck in roles for which they are over-qualified

    • don’t realise their full potential or make their fullest contribution

    • experience heightened self-doubt, self-criticism, low confidence and self-worth

    • suffer exhausting cycles of procrastination and over-work

    • have lower levels of motivation, productivity, effectiveness and impact

    • experience increased stress and burn out

    • practice - and model - unhealthy models of leadership

Impact in the workplace

Imposter Syndrome has also been shown to obstruct organisations in business-critical areas including:

  • realising the full potential of the whole workforce

  • fostering creativity, innovation and risk-taking

  • encouraging healthy, sustainable leadership styles which model e.g. vulnerability, trust and openness

  • harnessing the many benefits and opportunities of a more empowered, diverse and inclusive workplace

  • robust succession planning

  • competing effectively

  • redressing the imbalance in the number of women in senior leadership roles

Course Goals

  • Gain a clear understanding what Imposter Syndrome is

  • Understand how and why Imposter Syndrome particularly impacts women

  • Share leading research highlighting the specific imposter issues faced by women in the workplace

  • Learn to recognise ‘imposter symptoms’ in ourselves and those we lead

  • Explore empowering knowledge, skills and practices to help us manage our imposter ‘symptoms’, growing our professional and personal confidence

  • Reclaim power and personal authority through realising and valuing our unique talents and strengths

  • Share insights and experience in a safe, courageous, supportive environment

Course content

  • Week 1: The Nature of the Beast
    Defining imposter syndrome, exploring where it comes from, how it operates and why it is a particular challenge for women.

  • Week 2: The Hustle for Worthiness
    Exploring the drivers, beliefs and behaviours of imposter syndrome.

  • Week 3: Radical Acts of Kindness

    Sharing leading-edge compassion-based research and practices to help us recognise and overcome our imposter 'symptoms'.

  • Week 4: The Wizard of Us
    Identifying and cultivating a range of inner leadership qualities which empower us to let go of exhausting, unsustainable work habits and lead from a more relaxed, balanced and authentic place.

Course format

  • The online course* is fully-facilitated and takes place over 4 weeks with content predominantly being shared through interactive weekly webinars.

  • Each week there is also an optional ‘Buddy Call’ where participants connect with a different colleague (via the phone, Skype, FaceTime, Zoom etc) to share their experiences and discuss their key learning.

  • In addition, the course features personal reflection exercises, mindfulness practices, poetry, TED Talks, and more.

  • Participants also benefit from Ruzuku, a leading virtual learning environment through which they can connect with one anther, share their reflections and access ‘Deeper Dive’ materials (links to articles, videos and other resources which amplify that week’s learning).

Additional information

  • A 1-day workshop is available for groups of women leaders within organisations who prefer to take this training together and in person.

  • For organisations wishing to raise awareness of imposter syndrome, I also offer a very popular 90-minute ‘primer’ which I facilitate either in-house or as a webinar.

  • Although this work is aimed predominantly at women, men are very welcome to participate. This makes for more inclusive events and has proved helpful in fostering wider understanding of ‘imposter’ experiences in the workplace. 

Ready to Book?

  • I am presently on Sabbatical and will announce dates for the next online course on my return in Autumn 2019.

  • Places will be limited to 16 and there is typically a very high level of interest so if you are ready to join a small group of like-minded, whole-hearted people on this empowering learning journey, please leave your details. By registering your interest you will be among the first to be notified when the next course dates and early-bird pricing are announced.

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